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BolaWrap is the only remote response to resistance tool that ensures a safe space between subject and officer, does not rely on pain compliance, and is specifically designed to be deployed early in an engagement. Inflicting pain often escalates encounters, BolaWrap's non-threatening form allows time to de-escalate and provide needed support. This is a great law enforcement tool that can be used in any threatening situation.



Product Features Product Elements

A. Cocking Lever                                          B. Green Line Laser
C. Activation Button                                    D. Safety
E. Cartridge Release Lever                         F. Propellant
G. Serialized Cartridge                                H. Kevlar Cord
I. Anchor                                                       J. Hooks

  • Discharge Speed: 513 ft per second (156 meters per second)

  • Wrap Speed: 270 ft per second at 10 ft (82 meters per second at 3 meters)

  • Distance: 10-25 feet (3-8 meters)

  • Sound volume: 105/110 dB

  • Wrap: Wraps around body 1-3 times

  • Reload Time: 3-8 seconds

  • Laser: green line laser for accuracy

  • Bola Cord: Recyclable, 8' Kevlar® (2.4 meters), 380 pound strength

  • Entangling Barbs: 4 per anchor

  • Propellant: .380 partial charge blank

  • US Usage: 35+ states

  • International Usage: Delivered to more than 10 countries

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