Security Solutions Technology is an authorized reseller for the General Dynamics software system entitled CoMotion.  Currently, this technology is used by the Departments of Defense and Homeland Security for combat operations and logistics to port security.

CoMotion®, a collaborative visualization platform, assists teams of diverse, cross-functional experts as they tackle complex problems in dynamic, constantly changing domains. These experts build a shared understanding of multiple perspectives and synthesize unified plans of action.  To address the requirements for a full collaboration tool, the CoMotion® platform features the following innovations:

  • always-on collaboration with a constant feed of live data;  

  • a rich, composable set of information that, in turn, permits transformation of the information to ‘see’ the data in a collaborative environment by employing revolutionary visualization techniques; 

  • declarative persistent and shareable blueprints; 

  • two powerful methods for creating visualizations: (1) through a declarative language and (2)  through interactive transformations;

  • a comprehensive set of tools for creating and annotating information and for composing shared work products;

  • data, once in the system repository is constantly updated and retained intact forever  

The system has been deployed and proven in applications ranging from command and control to logistics and transportation planning to clinical trials and drug discovery. Fielded to thousands of information workers, these applications are used daily, in some cases 24/7, for sense-making and planning with collaborative visualizations as the primary interface to their daily work.

Further, many of the core capabilities that CoMotion® can bring to any application are revolutionary.  These include 

  • a visualization-based interface with 

    • strong geospatial 3 dimensional presentation; 

    • a tool set for scheduling and planning; 

    • graphics to help define and describe the operating space;  

    • details and drill-down on demand linked at every echelon; 

    • polymorphic displays – heterogeneous data and display, real-time shared information space, live updating within mille-seconds above network latency;  

    • real-time operations suitability with What-You-See-Is-What-I-See (WYSIWIS) collaboration: coordinated pan/zoom, flash-lighting, marking across all users simultaneously;  

    • rich annotation –‘stickies’ (digital ‘post-it-notes’), semantic graphics, etc.; 

    • an ability to take action from visualizations: capture plans, requests, information requirements, etc.

  • collaboration on ‘live data’ with a parallel gesture and voice capability which represents a major leap ahead in helping the human see patterns in the data, collaborate in groups to understand the meaning of these patterns, and make decisions.  

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