SST offers a drone denial system that is manufactured by Vigilant Drone Defense Inc. SST is a Channel Partner and Reseller for this drone denial technology. Please see the website: www.vigilantdronedefense.com.


Vigilant Drone Defense products are the perfect solution for any government agency, critical infrastructure organization, or any other entity that has a need for a robust, reliable counter UAV system. Our products are state of the art, and provide strong, impenetrable protection against all invasive, and dangerous drone activity. Our products have been tested and approved for consideration by the U.S. Army, as well as several other federal, state and municipal government agencies.


Vigilant Drone Defense has conducted several hundreds of hours of testing its products against drone swarms. Our products have been tested against over 100 commercially available drones as well as DYI hobbyist drones. Our products have defeated every drone swarm it tested against. The longest drone swarm test was with over 100 drones at one time attempting to penetrate our airspace. This test was conducted for over 5 hours straight. Not one drone was able to penetrate our airspace during this test. There is no technical reason our system would not be able to protect against a swarm of several hundred drones. We have recently seen instances of criminals in Brazil using drones that are utilizing 400 MHz and 800 MHz frequencies. Vigilant Drone Defense is developing a denial system that will protect against the additional frequencies.

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