SST is an authorized reseller for FiberLink’s Mobile Device Management solutions.  MaaS360 is a cloud platform that provides security on mobile devices.  Fiberlink has created a cloud based platform, Mobility as a Service 360, to quickly and easily secure and manage mobile devices across a disparate group of form factors, manufacturers, OS’s, security app’s and compliance rules.  

This framework provides the ‘instant on’ ability to scale to an unlimited number of devices and affect policy, inventory and security compliance on off network devices to simplify the lives of both end users and IT Administrators.  MaaS360 is the only MDM solution able to manage smart devices as exactly what they are:  miniature laptops.  

MaaS360 provides the framework to immediately create compliance rules around the requirement for an existing app like Good, or a new AV app, or a device feature or a new OS.   By leveraging the cloud to provide instant on set up, unlimited scaling, and the ability to immediately enable new features and functionalities as soon as they are available from the OEM’s, MaaS360 is ready to solve tomorrow’s MDM problems today.

MaaS360 offers:

  • FISMA Moderate Certified & Accredited 

  • Proven secure MDM solution across the Federal Government 

  • Data Protection 

  • Leader in the Gartner MDM Magic Quadrant/MS 

  • Unified Strategy for managing Mobile Computing environment 

  • Rapid Adoption of new devices and features 

  • Cost Savings 

  • Scalability Platform Reliability 

  • Mobile Expense Management

  • Enterprise App Store Integration

  • Content Management Service

  • Prevent users from “opting out” of MDM Control 

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