Our mission is to provide the best world class products and professional services to our clients.  We are a performance driven company and we listen to our customers so we understand your need or gaps and will then help you with our solutions.  We provide IT consulting to strategy to business development and our personnel will assist with your deliverables.

SST was formed by a retired US Army officer and Presidential Political Appointee at the U.S. Department of State. We are a highly-principled cadre of performance oriented problem-solving military veterans / professionals that are experienced in analyzing, structuring and implementing efficient, effective, and practical solutions to a wide range of business, political, and social problems. We have found that our extensive training and unique areas of proven experience, developed over decades of successful operations in some of the most challenging, hazardous, and fluid operating environments in the world, translate well to applications in the private sector, enabling us to assist our clients in defining and resolving even the most important and complex problems of their world. Our aim is to be your best value solution to every problem within our areas of expertise. You have our word that you will receive the individual attention you need and deserve.


At SST, we believe in values and will always do our best and tell you the honest truth.


Generosity is the principle that each member of the organization should share in the company's success. We believe in rewarding employees for their hard work. Employers who follow this principle are rewarded with greater employee loyalty and higher productivity.


We like to create "a win-win situation" with our clients and customers.  The principle behind it -- that both sides of a business transaction should come away feeling they have been treated fairly -- is still a worthwhile value. A company with a reputation for fair dealing encourages vendors, independent contractors, joint venture partners and customers to do business with it again and again.

Pursuit of Excellence

We at SST always pursue excellence---this value means a corporate-wide philosophy of never being satisfied with how business was done in the past, or what the company has achieved. It means trying to develop better products and services, to constantly improve customer satisfaction, to try to upgrade operational efficiency and the productivity of everyone in the organization. The emphasis on this value is partially driven by the competitive nature of business.

Community Involvement

We support veteran activities and organizations.  We try to be active participants in improving the quality of life for our communities. We don't just contribute money, we encourage our employees to get directly involved in the community.


Innovation in business is the key to success.  We are constantly looking for emerging customer needs and designing best-in-class solutions to address those needs. Innovation allows a company to improve the quality of life for its customers. Making constant innovation a core value helps corporations grow in the face of ever-increasing competition because they take advantage of emerging opportunities before competitors can

Concern for Employees' Welfare

Our employees view their careers as more than a means of earning wages. They want to work for a company that truly cares about them. Employees want supervisors to listen to their ideas and concerns. They want to see the company has a career path planned out for them, one in which they can continue to learn, acquire new skills and rise within the organization. They want a pleasant and safe work environment. 

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