DigiBuild is the Trusted Material Management and Procurement AI Blockchain Software for Builders.

On average construction projects are 80% over budget and 20 months behind schedule. On average construction projects are 80% over budget and 20 months behind schedule. The number one reason is supply chain and material management issues. Since 2020, material prices are 20% more expensive and lead times 50% longer. Material management and procurement is a business risk that cannot be ignored. DigiBuild automates the painstaking process of finding, ordering, tracking, and managing materials. Our easy to use software helps contractors reduce labor hours, save money on material, reduce schedule delays, and captures important data.

DigiBuild will revolutionize the global construction industry with its AI (Artificial Intelligence) Cloud based Blockchain software. Our mission is to offer construction blockchain solutions and connect platforms that create a single verifiable version of the truth from the architect to suppliers to construction companies to real estate developers. When we do this we eliminate risk, disputes, save time, vet suppliers, and create a healthier and happier global construction industry.

Our AI software can be used by companies in various markets other than construction---space, airplanes, railroads, retailers, ships, cars, trucks, or any other types of manufacturing or supply management industries.

Construction is a complex industry. Every job site includes 50+ companies dependent on one another to achieve their goals. However, these goals are not aligned. These complex arrangements, often between distrusting parties rely on intermediaries, lots of paperwork and human time to manage risk and disputes. Rob knew from his personal experiences that these fragmented workflows add cost and risk to construction projects.

Building an AI software on blockchain offers a better path forward. All transactions are recorded in the blockchain and cannot be altered, critical documents are automated and authenticated, creating a massive reduction in paperwork and fewer disputes. All in an easy to use interface that saves project managers’ time. Having everyone on a construction project working from the same information creates a layer of trust and transparency, which is missing in construction projects today. While most software benefits the Owner or GC, DigiBuild software provides benefits to all project stakeholders, such as suppliers and the financial team.

DigiBuild is designed for scalability for the small to most complex construction projects. We have a program that will fit any size firm with the capabilities to save 10-25% in costs and risk factors. We can train your staff and get you fully engaged with a few days so your projects are easily managed and the costs and risks are reduced. In construction, it has always been about Scope, Schedule, and Budget. Now, it also has to be about Risks. We solve all of these issues for you!

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