Grants Management Cloud Software

Zengine from WizeHive will streamline your grants management, create a less intimidating applicant experience, better manage your data and reporting, and simplify your review process. Put simply, our goal is to make every part of the grant-making process better for every player within it. Our approach is delivering a tailored platform that follows a process you dictate -- not making you fit the restraints of a pre-fab system -- while also delivering value, speed, and superior service. The result is a Cloud system that has not only the features and functionality you want, but that allows you more easily run programs, better interact with constituents, and more effectively deliver on your mission.

Submission Portal

  • Eligibility quizzes to quickly identify the correct applicants, saving time.
  • Fully customizable applications that feature the questions important to you.
  • Ability to upload all types of files, including video and audio.
  • Ability to change or display questions depending on responses provided.
  • Ability for applicants to request letters of intent or referrals from within the application.
  • Deadlines and/or countdowns are clearly displayed for each stage of the application.
  • Auto email or text confirmations are sent once applications are successfully submitted.
  • Single sign on (SSO) options allow applicants to use known credentials.
  • GDPR tools ensure data privacy regulations are met.
  • The portal’s user profile level can be pre-populated via the SSO integration.
  • Multi-year applicants can use their previous credentials and have their profile already complete.
  • Grant recipients can user the same portal and credentials to view and accept their grant, request fund disbursement, share progress reports, or complete follow-up surveys.

Administrative Workspace

  • Store all data submitted through your forms and portals, import your personal, offline, or historical data, or manually add information or notes to any record.
  • Manage due diligence and confirm charity status using the integrated Guidestar Charity Check.
  • Enjoy clean, easy-to-understand data views with helpful sorting and filtering options.
  • Create customized dashboards showing the KPIs and data points important to you and your team.
  • Email tools allow you to communicate with applicants and reviewers and pull in any information from the system.
  • Manage your review team, including automated or manual reviewer assignments and deciding what information is displayed for their review.

Reviews Portal

  • Reviewers log in to their personal portal to view the applications assigned to them.
  • Side-by-side viewing makes answering scorecard questions easier.
  • Reviewers can print applicant data if they wish.
  • Calculated fields allow for a scorecard with subjective questions that tallies an objective score.
  • Reviewers can leave comments that can be shared with the applicant, other reviewers, and/or the administrative team.
Zengine is the most flexible platform on the market. Thanks to its relational database and automation capabilities, we can create a platform that matches your program’s process -- not the other way around.
Use the robust submission portal throughout the entire grants lifecycle. Applicants can check back for status updates, award letters, progress reports, disbursements, and more.
Thanks to an Open API and partnership with Zapier, Zengine can integrate with 1000+ popular systems, including accounting systems, CRMs, student management systems, and email marketing tools.
ll this comes with industry-leading security features including role- based permissions and the support of Amazon Web Services.

Zengine Grants Management Enterprise Standard System Tools

Full Lifecycle Grants Management Multi-Step Applications, Multiple Rounds of Review, Award Management, Progress Reporting on Grant Outcomes/Impacts
Online Submission Portal(s) allows for grantees and others to access a portal to submit information throughout the entire grants lifecycle including Impact Reporting.
Administrative HUB - Manage programs and processes, Dashboards & Reporting, program updates and change management to programs and data. Manage communications using Bulk and Automated Email tools. Sync data from external systems and view information.
Visual Dashboards & Data Reporting Administrators can view aggregate information and data and run reports
Online Reviewer Portal(s) - allow for internal and external stakeholders to gain access to all or a limited subset of application data and information and to complete any combination of qualitative or quantitative decisioning including unique scoring rubrics.
Audit Trail Reporting - allows for administrators to see a log of changes and updates on a record and field basis.
Single Sign On (SSO SAML 2.0) - allows for applicants, reviewers, and administrators to use organizational credentials to log into the Zengine platform. Data pre-population and business rules can be added with a custom deployment.
Bulk & Auto Email - allows for manual bulk email communications, scheduled email communications, and automated email notifications on status change. All email tools use mail merge and data tags allowing for the emails to be personalized to the recipient.
GuideStar Integration Provides a direct integration with Guidestar to verify Non-Profit Grantee’s information and IRS status
OFAC Integration Verifies grantee organizations and individuals against the various OFAC databases
Custom Automated Workflows Provides automation, data management and population customized to specific requirements.
Custom Integrations with 3rd Party Systems Zengine’s RestAPI is licensed in every Enterprise Deployment and allows for integrations with other systems.
On-demand in App Help Center & Knowledgebase Administrative HUB users can access help right in platform and gain information on particular functions of the system and submit help tickets to the WizeHive Support Team.

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