Your staff expects access to the organization’s information assets at any time and at any place. IT leaders face the challenge of aligning technology disciplines in order to deliver the application platforms, data and devices necessary to satisfy these demanding expectations.  This includes email, web browsing, data storage, fire walls, and all of the other IT requirements for a business.  We can help with all IT services, cybersecurity, encryption, and Cloud Pricing technology.

GSA IT Schedule 70 - GS35-F387DA

The “everything on demand” world revolves around four central pillars on the IT landscape; unprecedented amounts of data, business agility enabled by the cloud, mobility and ever changing security demands.  We help our customers design and deploy solutions to meet their constantly evolving demands, using tools and expertise across each of those four pillars.


Enterprise Data
Data is everywhere. Data volumes once considered exceptionally large are small by today’s standards. Traditional data sources and storage mechanisms have changed dramatically. Our professionals utilize the latest platforms and tools to harness the value in the ever increasing, constantly evolving data available to the organization.

Cloud Solutions
Organizations demand greater business agility from their increasing investment in information technology. Cloud technology is the glue that pulls the other pillars together and provides the launch pad to achieve real business agility. We guide organizations through all phases of the cloud transformation journey.

IT… anywhere… anytime. That is mobility. The benefits are there, but organizations must manage the proliferation of mobile technology to effectively to realize those benefits. The mobility experts at SST will work with you to design and implement enterprise mobility management solutions and develop mobile applications that ensures you get value from your investment in mobile technology.  We help you manage BYOD and MDM solutions.

Threats to your IT assets are ever present. Regardless of the source or intent, an exploited vulnerability can lead to crippling consequences. The security experts at SST can help you craft and implement a security strategy that protects all your assets, stationary or mobile. A strategy that considers prevention, detection and mitigation techniques that are agile and resilient, developed to meet the constantly changing stream of external threats.  We can provide the cyber assessments to the software that can detect hackers and focus on:  Incident Response, Penetration Testing, and Hunting.

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