Our team and our partners can provide you every service and product you need to ensure the safety of your people and your assets:

We provide anti-terrorism planning, security assessments, risk Management, crisis management, emergency operation centers, emergency evacuation, asset protection, security awareness, Personal Privacy Protection and more.

Managing Your Risk While Building a Competitive Advantage

We can help with your most critical security challenges: stopping terrorists before they have a chance to act; responding to unprecedented natural disasters without a single life lost; detecting and interdicting hackers trying to break into the myriad networks that are the lifeblood of both government and the private sector; and even dealing with modern-day pirates and other threats to trade and travel.

Our team has a proven record of identifying the risks, developing effective policies, and countering the threats time and time again.  We also know what works and what doesn’t.   We have keen insight into which solutions can provide value added and which won’t work.  We can identify the new technologies that are likely to transform the landscape, and our experience allows us to predict which ones may be headed for obsolescence.

We are able to provide our clients with sound strategic advice that will help you understand the real risks your organization faces, even as new ones emerge and old ones fade.  We will help you develop a comprehensive, coherent risk management strategy and guide you the best sources for trained personnel and security technology. In addition, we can help you identify the opportunities to grow and expand your business and capture the competitive advantage within this unique market space.  The combination of our extensive industry knowledge and sound business experience allows us to position clients for value growth in all kinds of environments.

Most of all, we’ll stand by you, so the most important thing you have to worry about is running your business.  That is why we are here.

Areas of Focus

  • Global risk management strategy and counsel

  • Data & cyber security, including detection, encryption, computer forensics and data recovery

  • Border protection

  • Global commerce, supply-chain security

  • Biometrics and identity management programs

  • Critical infrastructure protection

  • Natural or man-made disaster preparedness, response and recovery

  • Fraud prevention and investigation

  • Intelligence and counter-terrorism

  • Chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear (CBRN) security

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